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Neha Prabhakar

Experience 10 Years  

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Therapist (The Hypnotherapy School of India)
Masters in Clinical Psychology ( IGNOU)
Masters of Science in Psychotherapy and Counseling (  IPMS, Mumbai)
Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner ( Sheila Granger, Belgium)
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Advanced EFT Practitioner (American Hypnosis Association)  

Neha is a clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Psychologist, practicing for over 9 years in Delhi, India. She is the director of Soul Mind Power. Since a very long time, she has had a keen interest in people’s behavior, mind, and emotions. This led her to pursue further studies in the field of mind.  Neha has worked with Hypnotherapists from across the globe that helped her learn more about new techniques and healing modalities. 

With her rich experience in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, she helps her clients delve deep into their thoughts, emotions, through talk therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy and bring awareness to them about what is stopping them to be who they really are or want to be.  She personalizes every session as she feels every person is unique and needs different therapy.  She uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) along hypnotherapy and psychological Interventions, a holistic approach to resolve issues at subconscious and conscious level. 

Neha likes to bring difference to people at large and she does that through a variety of self empowering workshops that are held once in every two months.  In addition, she takes meditation and EFT classes for two months, twice a year.  She is also an author of three books on Hypnotherapy and has a YouTube channel with meditations. 

Expertise:Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy. 


Vipin Chopra

Trans personal Regression Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing (Hypnotherapy School of India)  

Experience: 10 Years 

Vipin Chopra is one of the first few Transpersonal Regression Therapists & Trainers of acclaim in India. He is an accredited Trainer from The Hypnotherapy School of India (HSI), Delhi.  His rich expertise of over two decades has earned him the Title of ‘Subject Matter Expert’ into the domain of Sub-conscious Mind. He has spent almost a decade into the field of Hypnotheray, Regression, Crystal Healing etc.
His Core Competence lies in exploring the Sub-conscious Mind using techniques of Hypnotherapy and Age/Past Life Regression Therapy, Spirit Release to assist individuals and interact directly with their sub-conscious mind, and explore their inner resource aptly. This calls for developing a deeper understanding of Beliefs, emotions, thought processes and memories that impact the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual element of an individual. Over the decades, Vipin has developed an expertise into this niche domain. 

Vipin as a guide, trainer, mentor and therapist, assists deeply in aligning individuals to witness, accept and deal with the root cause of an issue and ensures its resolution and healing, and ensures bringing the individual into a state of deep inner calmness and peace within, finally reflection into holistic well-being of an individual. 

Vipin as an Individual Coach, Mentor and Corporate Trainer has worked with many professionals of repute and many organizations/corporate of repute. To name a few, viz Center For Railway Information Systems, Border Roads Organization, MTNL, Lion’s Club etc. 

Expertise: Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy


Mahima Pawar

Experience 3 Years

MA in Psychology 

MPhil in Child Psychology 

Mahima has a keen interest in people’s behaviour and assessing them through a variety of psychometric tests. Mahima takes care of assessments that include batteries of tests to come to the diagnosis. She helps people choose the right career through career counseling and does various therapies including Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and other Psychological Interventions to help people think, feel, and act better. 

Expertise: Counseling Psychology, Career Counseling, Cognitive Drill Therapy, 


Dr Divya Saxena

Experience : 3 Years 

Masters in clinical Psychology, PhD in clinical Psychology

With vast research experience, Divya has an eye for detail. She has a keen interest in people’s behavior and likes to counsel and help them through a variety of therapies. Her rich experience makes her one of the best in the team.

Expertise: Psychometric Testing, Substance Abuse Counseling, and Research