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"I engaged with Soul Mind Power to overcome some internal mental barriers to allow me to live the life I wanted to. Hypnotherapy helped me resolve early childhood memories that moulded the parts of my character that held me back, it helped me get rid of the unnecessary baggage I carried with ..

G. Kaur

"With hypnotherapy sessions, I could control my anger and now more confident while talking to people."

Durgesh Ahuja

Neha has helped me overcome my anxiety and irritability that I had been experiencing for more than 4 years. I was surprised to see the root causes of both the conditions through hypnosis and after four sessions with her, I am completely in a balanced state of mind. I am happier and have no anxiet ..

Ritu Parekh

For Anxiety Disorder Counselling

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction

I had gone for my Anxiety issues, and with her hypnotherapy plus psychology treatment, I am much calmer now

Ankit K

She is a gem of a person. She helped me come out the greif through hypnotherapy and EFT. She was regularly in touch with me over the phone. EFT has helped me handle so many situations of life. Neha is just awesome.

Isha Khanna