Group Sessions

Inability to Fall Asleep or Stay Asleep?

Recurrent Nightmares?

Feel fatigued or Tired the next Mornin?

Mood swings, Irritable, and Difficulty concentrating?

If you said yes to any one of the above, then we can help you achieve restful sleep in less than 4 weeks.


Did you know?


The more you try to sleep, the more sleep is going to keep itself away from you!!


If you have been worrying about your sleep then that is what is stopping you from entering into a restful sleep.  And, the more you stay calm and confident about sleep, the faster the sleep is going to come to you. 


Zen Sleep is a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, and routines to help you achieve the most soothing and relaxing sleep. 


When you get good sleep, you 


  • It helps with productivity

  • It helps with focus and memory

  • It helps in keeping the moods high

  • It reduces inflammation 

  • It helps with weight loss and prevents weight gain

Sleep is most important for the right brain and body functioning. And, to help you understand more about sleep, how to fall asleep better as soon as you hit the bed, how to relax yourself, and how to get rid of the nightmares, we have come up with a 9 session online sleep coaching via zoom. 

Starting from 15th November 2021

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